The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 06

TFS – Episode 06

Episode 6 is available now! The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 06

Show Contents:

  • What is FEO?
  • Cross-Training Developers
  • Retina Rant

Show Notes:

For FEO (as used as a service, not a person), check out edgecast

In the Cross-training segment we say that we are using “Scout CSS”, that isn’t actually what it is called, we are using Sass and then we compile the SCSS file to CSS through the use of the wonderfully multi-platform-self-contained-ruby-in-air-app Scout.

On the Retina Rant segment anyone who can do math may have noticed that Phil says his MBP has a resolution of 1280×600 (adjusted for retina), but then gives figures out of 2560×1600 (this is the resolution printed on the box and is accurate). He realizes that 1600/2 = 800 and not 600. He is sort of apologetic, but at the same time believes in the art of forgiveness and admitting his mistake here in the show notes, and also has decided that you probably didn’t notice and if you did and wanted to call him on it,  it’s here in the show notes making your rant against his rant fairly “meh”.

Sponsor for this episode was GoldsGym, aren’t we all going for the gold?

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