The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 04

TFS – Episode 04

Episode 4 is available now! The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 04

Show Contents:

  • Developer Arsenal – What software and hardware do we use?
  • Code Documentation with MarkDown
  • CES… Who Cares?

Show Notes:

The idea for our discussion on the Developer Arsenal was a post from Weedy Garden. For our “Developer Arsenal”, we use the following:

Server-side tools:

  • Eclipse (Juno)
  • Tomcat v7
  • WAS
  • Windows 7 (beefy PC’s with 24GB of RAM)
  • OS X (Macbook Pro)
  • RAD (v6 and v7.5)
  • (SOAP/REST tools?)
  • SoapUI
  • Chrome for REST
  • DBVisualizer
  • Chrome
  • SecureShell
  • JSON Editor

Client-side tools:

  • Same hardware as above, only we also include iPad 3, Nexus 10, and 7, Moto X, iPhone 4S, ZTE Open
  • Photoshop with the new Generate feature
  • Colorpick
  • Brackets
  • Sublime Text
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome and Canary
  • Pingdom tools,, PageSpeed
  • Analytics from Omniture (adobe), and GA

Code Documentation links:

CES… Who Cares? For the rant this episode it was the post over on Gizmodo about CES that stoked the fire and brought our ire ;).

Sponsor for this episode was ProForm makers of the Hybrid Trainer

Until next time, keep up in the comments, or on Google+, we are +DevcannonTFS