The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 03

TFS – Episode 03

Episode 3 is available now! The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 03

Show Contents:

  • RiotJS – a 1kb front-end framework
  • Chrome with baked in Dart support
  • To Try/Catch or not

Show Notes:

Be sure to check out RiotJS on GitHub, and also the blog entry that explains the MVP system and why RiotJS may be the perfect library for your next project.

Read about the formation of the TC52 committee that will oversee Dart!

This post is just about 4 years old, but the debate rages on! Very good read about whether ot not to use Try/Catch.

Sponsor for this episode was iFit – They rocked CES 2014!

Yep, we keep teasing that REST webservice bit for the next episode, but we just want to make sure everything is shiny. Don’t worry though, next episode we’ll discuss the Developer’s arsenal, and code documentation.

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