The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 02

TFS – Episode 02

Episode 2 is available now! The Full Stack Podcast – Episode 02

Show Contents:

  • Special guests – Sid Carpenter and Sean Duncan
  • Web App or Web Site a discussion based on a poll from CSS Tricks
  • Your Geek Number/Score

Show Notes:

View the post on CSS Tricks that talks about a recent poll that Chris ran to see what we are talking about.

View the article from Dave Fecak about figuring out your Geek Number/Score.

Sponsor for this episode was Weider Fitness – Thanks!

We’re taking a holiday break, but when we return, we’ll discuss that 1kb MVP/MVC JavaScript library, along with integrating into the REST web service.

Until next time, keep up in the comments, or on Google+, we are +DevcannonTFS